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  • Career Development Office and Division of Career Services

    Tsukuba University provides you with various programs that connect your learning with career. Career Development Office and Division of Career Services support you to widen your vision for the society on thinking about yourself and plan about your future specifically through the classes, guidance, individual counseling and the workshops.

    Characteristic of Career Development programs in Tsukuba University

    We offer all sorts of programs for you to lead valuable campus life as a period of transition to the social-member and the worker. We are aiming at uniting the special education and the career education in the whole of the curriculums. In addition that, we promote an expansion and an active use of network between the teachers and the students through all kinds of programs.

    Career Development Office

    Career Development Office was established in April 2004 as the organization which plans and carries out  generally academic and career counseling, career development and basic policy about job-hunting support. Division of Career Service is the administrative office supporting for Career Development Office.  Career Development Office provides the students with establishing multidisciplinary subjects of Career Development, counseling about academic and career and carrying out various Career Development support. In addition, this organization builds the network with the career support teachers and provides comprehensive support system in order to cooperate with each academic organization about career development support in the campus.

    E-mail: career[at]un.tsukuba.ac.jp
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    Division of Career Services

    We provide you with job-hunting support, for example, planning of “job guidance” and “OB&OG social meeting” and also career counseling. There is a space equipped with varieties of information, for example, job-opening information, company information, the magazines regarding job-hunting activity and so on.

    E-mail: syushokuka[at]un.tsukuba.ac.jp
    (replace [at] with @)