About Tsukuba Career Portfolio (CARIO)

Tsukuba Career Portfolio (CARIO)

Tsukuba Career Portfolio (CARIO) is the tool at the core of Career Development Support that Tsukuba University offers. We call it TCPF sometimes. Because this is common noun used everywhere, we use TCPF to unify our images.

A portfolio is originally a case to keep documents. Consider it a tool with the function of “organizing and keeping documents”.

The photographers and designers sometimes use it to put together their works and bring it out when they sell themselves.
Therefore, this is the tool to “organize and keep” and to file the important records so that you can bring out when you need it.
You will experience a lot of things in your college life. Those various experiences will be treasure and the accumulations will be career. Then, Filing the experiences and awareness and recording it is the career portfolio.

CARIO is your college life!

We are glad if you will be able to get a chance to think the important things on your life, for example, the meaning on your college life and your life time and the important values for you through the career portfolio.

Use it to look back when determining your course and explain yourself at the job-hunting activity.

This is the file to record your own careers by yourself. Therefore, it is no problem in that your record is different with others. This is your own original thing.

It will become “The valuable thing that cannot be changed by money” when various records will have been filed on the career portfolio. It is not too much to say that this is exactly “your college life”.