How to make use of CARIO

You can file anything basically.
However, at first you may not be able to image how to use.
First of all, let’s use the worksheets set on CARIO.
There are four types forty kinds’ worksheets in all.

CARIO worksheets

Basic worksheets
x-01_the_first_step x-02_the_turning_step x-03_the_step_for_the_next_step_departure x-04_the_step_toward_the_future x-10_basic_sheet_1 x-20_basic_sheet_2 x-30_lecture_notes_in tsukuba_style x-31_lecture_notes_in_tsukuba_style_2

Track: Student life track
T-10: Realization from events at university (eight varieties)
T-20: Realization from activity experiences (five varieties)
T-30: Realization from classes (two varieties)
T-40: Realization from reading books (one variety)
T-50: Realization from daily life (three varieties)
T-60: Movement (changes) in moods over time (two varieties)
T-11_freshman_orientation T-12_recollections_of_spring_sports_day T-13_recollections_of_yadokari_festival T-14_recollections_of_summer_vacation T-15_recollections_of_university_festival T-16_recollections_of_autumn_sports_day T-17_recollections_of_spring_vacation T-1z_recollections_from_the_other_events T-3z_realization_from_day’s_classes T-4z_recollections_of_books_you_have_read T-71_international_cultural_exchange_and_experience_abroad_planning T-72_international_cultural_exchange_and _experience_abroad_recollection

Circumstances: What you have looked into for your student life or career options
C-10: Information from adult you know (three varieties)
C-20: Image of your specialties (two varieties)
C-30: Job information collection (three varieties)

Personal: What you thought of yourself
P-10: Strengths and weakness you are daily conscious of (three varieties)
P-20: Values you attach importance on in your life (one variety)

Future: Objectives/ purposes/ dreams
F-10: Purpose for which you entered the university (five varieties)
F-20: Write down your various dreams (one variety)
F-30: Job-hunting activities/ employment tests for public servants and teachers (two varieties)
F-40: Advancing to graduate school (one variety)
F-1z_realization_when_thinking_about_the_purpose_of_entering_university F-11_purpose_statement_of_entering_university F-14_confirmation_of_attainment_realization_of_purpose_of_having_entered_university F-21_dream_dream_dream_dream. F-22_action_plan_for_realizing_dreams F-32_job-hunting_measures F-41_research_theme_organization