Q & A regarding an operational method of the system

Q1. What ID and password are needed when using SAGASU?

―A. The ID and Password are the ones that are provided you with when you entered university for using of TWINS. The same ID and password as the ones you use on the Tsukuba University Job Information System are valid. The password checked by you is not valid. If you forgot the ID and password, please e-mail below, writing your name, affiliation, student number, and “hoping to check ID and password”. E-mail:

Q2. How can I interrupt an operation of SAGASU?

―A. Please click the “registration” icon while inputting. If it is within seven days after checking by yourself, you can revise or input in addition.

Q3. Tell me how to start again form the beginning.

―A. If it is within seven days after checking by you, you can revise or input in addition. If it passed over seven days after checking by you, it is impossible to revise or input in addition. Therefore, please start from the beginning. The past data are saved automatically. If you want to delete the data, you can delete it on the page of “report”.

Q4. Is it possible to check the past results in case I try the system over eight times, although I heard the results are kept till eight times on SAGASU?

―A. The data over eight times will be deleted automatically. Since the report will be changed into PDF file, you had better download the data or print out it and save it on your own.

Q5. Is there a possibility that the data inputted may be shown to other people?

―A. The staff on Career Development Office and Division of Career Services who manage the system of SAGASU can check the contents. However if we don’t get your permission, we don’t use your data. Other teachers and staff can use the data that was compiled and processed so that it is not specified as an individual.

Q & A regarding how to read and use

Q1. How can I use the result about SAGASU?

―A. If you are a freshman or sophomore year, think about what you accumulate experiences to develop your strength found from the result of SAGASU and to overcome the problems. For example, taking the class that you have not been interested in or doing extracurricular activities that you have not decided whether to participate in or not, and so on. And then, if you think your new experiences are increasing, let’s use SAGASU again!
Let’s use SAGASU as a chance to find a point to sell yourself after junior year that you are conscious of the job-hunting activity.

Q2. All my scores are low, so how can I choose my strength?

―A. The score of SAGASU is a chance for finding your strength. If there are good factors in low factors relatively, let’s select it as strength.

Q3. All my scores are high, so how can I choose my problems?

―A. If there are the factors with room for improvement in high factors relatively, let’s select it as a problem. Otherwise, if you have the factors that you want to raise than now, you can select it as a problem.

Q4. Tell me how to organize efficiently the data of SAGASU and the printed report.

―A. We provided you with CARIO, Tsukuba Career Portfolio, when you entered Tsukuba University. This CARIO is the tool that you can write down your experiences and awareness in the campus.

Q5. Are the twelve elements should be improved? If so that, I think that it might be make a very stereotyped person.

―A. You don’t have to improve these elements in well-balanced. It is convenient for you to have a framework, a common language, for looking back on the things that you have done and the things not enough to make an appeal of yourself to the other people. SAGASU is the tool for you to recognize yourself and introduce yourself to the other people.

Q6. Is the grade influenced by the result of SAGASU?

―A. No, it isn’t.

Q7. How can I get a comment and advice by a third party about the result of SAGASU.

―A. The Career Development Office and Division of Career Services respond to a career and employment counseling with the result of SAGASU. Email to the address below, if you would like to take counsel.

Q8. How were the twelve elements of SAGASU made?

―A.These are made originally by discussing among the faculty in Career Development Office and Division of Career Services referring to the framework. That is the social member elemental skill defined by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. It is necessary skills for becoming independent in the society. There are more things required in the society except for these. We provide you with the elements that we want you to be conscious of especially through your campus life.    The twelve elements are classified into three groups. At first, “action for solution”, to solve the trouble and the problem that you face with. Secondly, “interpersonal relationship”, to build the relationship to people.    Thirdly, “observation of self”, to think about oneself.