Class subject “Career Design” 2013-2014

2013-2014 class subject “Career Design”

You acquire skill for career development in the Career Design Ⅰ~Ⅳ. These are set up as the class subjects in Career Development Office of Tsukuba University. You can do group-discussion actively by using CARIO and be stimulated each other.
You will learn about “Self” in Career Design Ⅰ~Planning my future ~, “meaning to have specialized area” in Higher education and your life beyond ~Career Design Ⅱ~, “connection to a society” in Working in a society ~Career Design Ⅲ~ and “The world of business” in Basic business management ~Career Design Ⅳ~.
These subjects are very important programs for the students also desiring to go to graduate school.
You think in these subjects how the school life and your specialized area mean. These are not subjects for preparing for job-hunting.



●Multidisciplinary subjects

 Career Design Ⅰ~Planning my future~ 

 Fall Semester AB Monday the sixth class  【subject number: 1226131】
In this class, the purpose is that you make essential basis in life plan while leading a positive and useful school life. You think from various points of view what you can do now to visualize yourself in the future and what you understand or not.
Standard registration: freshman
Teacher in charge: Yuki Yamagishi at Career Development Office

●Free elective subjects ( setting up specially)

 Higher education and your life beyond ~Career Design Ⅱ~ 

 Fall semester AB Monday the second class 【subject number: 8090101】

In this class, you think about ‘meaning to learn specialized area in the university’ while discussing with other students who study at different area. This lecture’s target is to start preparing for locating your specialized area in a career while thinking about the meaning to learn at university at this time that you become a sophomore and study your specialized area little by little. You will summarize the result of group discussion and give a presentation at the end of the lecture.
Standard registration: sophomore
Teacher in charge: Yuki Yamagishi at Career Development Office

Working in society~Career Design Ⅲ~

Spring semester AB Wednesday the sixth class 【subject number:8090201】
In this class, you learn ‘to work in the society’ thorough various teachers’ lecture. It is big target that you widen field of view through knowing various roles in the society. The meaning to take this course at this time each specialized area is progressing more and more is that avoids going to one side and widens your field of view. On the other hand, it is big target in this lecture to learn how the teachers have designed their life and determined and then also think about the career after graduation.
Standard registration: junior year
Teacher in charge: Yuki Yamagishi at Career Development Office

Basic business management~Career Design Ⅳ~

 Spring semester AB Wednesday the third class 【subject number:8090301】

In this class, you learn the role of company in the society, and the actual management and the basic knowledge needed on understanding the company management. For example, Accounting, Strategy, Marketing and Organization etc.
The students taking this course understand joining the theory and the practice on the basic business management through that, and then they get the basic methodology for the solution of a problem that needed not only the company, but also every organization.
Standard registration: junior year and senior year
Teacher in charge: Hiromichi Yoshitake at Business Science