Internship is the system that you can work as a trainee at the companies and public agencies during a certain period of time and experience a job related with your future.

Most of participants are junior year students. They experience internship during the summer and spring vacation. Internship has also a purpose to prevent you from mismatching in the actual job-hunting by accumulating experiences of a job before starting really job-hunting. This is recognized as a learning about society basically, therefore you cannot earn. However, some companies pay a wage. You can take the credits depending on your affiliation.

We offer the information of internship on the web-site of the Career Development Office. ID number and password are required for you when you use it. There are the internships the university put together and ones the students apply by themselves.

If you apply for the internship through the university, you have to submit “application_for_internship” in addition to the prescribed documents.

* Submit the application documents to the Division of Career Services no later than a week before a deadline. You need the approval by the head of department or the academic instructor.
* If you intend to participate in this program to take the credits, you have to submit to us the documents about approval rules and the evaluation list also.

* available only in Japanese at present.